Features of visco foam:

Visco foam is a crude product and is partially made from ester compounds. It has many features that make it ideal for use in mattress, topper, and pillow and mattress topper. On the one hand, Visco foam has a high permanent elasticity. Its high density (see the density of space), he owes the optimal dimensional stability.

Visco has a special point elasticity, which ensures excellent ergonomics. However, he has no supportive force such as cold foam. The higher the pressure and heat when lying on the memory products, the softer it gets and its restoring force increases. The pressure- and heat-sensitive Visco foam, therefore, follows the rules of thermo-elasticity. It is used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows, and toppers. Thanks to its properties, visco-elastic foam gives these products a particularly good body adaptation, which makes the body of the dormant relax completely. Visco elastic mattresses, pillows, and toppers are suitable for all groups of people. Learn about the newest sleep technology at Bestmattress-brand for better sleep and comfort.

For Visco mattresses, toppers and pillows every type of sleep comes into question, both back and side and abdominal sleepers. If you move a lot while asleep, you will be well supported. Visco foam as heat storage has a beneficial effect on joints, muscles and blood circulation. Visco mattress and a neck pillow with a memory effect can relieve back pain and prevent.

Memory foam mattress, cushion, and topper

A memory effect mattress is ideal because of its high ergonomics and pressure-relieving effect to keep the body healthy. The weight load is distributed over the entire area and compensated thanks to adaptation to the body. No pressure point disturbs and the point-elastic effect of a Visco mattress lets them sink gently, without let the spine sag.

Memory foam cushions ensure optimum storage of the head, neck, and spine. Memory cushions vary in shape, height and core structure to best fit. A memory foam topper or a visco elastic pad makes the mattress softer and suppler.

A memory foam mattress is available in our online shop, select or Sealy. Also popular is a combination with Visco gel foam or Visco Gel mattress with a simultaneous cooling effect. Memory foam pillows for memory mattress are available.