How do you know what good or bad sleep is?

There is one simple rule: you need to wake up painless in the morning and feel much better than the night before. Unfortunately, many people do not know how good sleep feels like. So far, only 8% sleep in individually optimized beds. This group of people has accepted the topic and given reasonable advice. 92% have chosen their bed for slogans, false discounts or misinformation. However, studies show that of this 92 %, only 20% are dissatisfied. If you want To find deals, check

A comparison: Person X was in a coma for 40 years and now wakes up again. A “friend” gives him a car with 40 hp and without any extras. X is overjoyed and thinks he has the best car in the world. Better than any car he has ever seen. What happens to this person when he first sits in a modern car with some extras? This situation is comparable to when someone first sleeps on a bed system that has been optimized for him. Who does not know the good, also feels the simple as optimal.

“I can sleep on the floor, too.”

So the statement of many of our customers. Likewise, the basic idea that people used to sleep on straw. To be honest, not everything new is better, but just as most people do not want to do without a phone, TV, car or computer today, people are starting to realize that good sleep and optimal regeneration are worth the price of gold. We encourage you to take the next step into the future and consider the benefits of having a good bed that has become possible. Only those who sleep well are also well awake!

  • We would like to briefly summarize the most important facts.
  • Without the right bedding, any further effort is free.
  • Good nutrition and exercise promote good sleep.
  • Good sleep brings increased performance in sports, private and professional
  • If you do not know how to sleep well, you are also satisfied with bad sleep.
  • Have your bed system adapted to your physical needs by a specialist
  • Avoid too strong sleeping documents
  • Pay attention to the good ventilation of the bed
  • Keep the bedroom temperature between 16 and 18 degrees (if possible)
  • Use a quality top bed for a good bed climate