Things to check while selecting mattresses:

When choosing the right mattresses for you, there are certain points you need to take into consideration.

1. The “hardness” of the mattress:

That of the hardness of the mattress (often, improperly called resistance) is a thorny topic because every single manufacturing company qualifies it “in its own way”, often different from the others.

Regardless of this, when it comes to hardness, it would still be advisable to always specify which materials the hardness is referred to: in fact, mattresses with the same stiffness made up of different materials (for example, in memory foam, rather than with springs) do not lead to the same hardness results.

After having stated that there is no (absolute) ideal hardness since this is also linked to several factors of a subjective nature, it can nevertheless be generally stated that a mattress with a ‘medium’ hardness is associated with less painful sensations compared to a rather stiff mattress.

2. Personal needs and preferences:

When you have to buy a new mattress, personal preferences and needs are crucial as already mentioned.

Therefore, first of all, think carefully about what you actually need: then choosing the best mattress will be easier for you.

Don’t forget to talk about it with your partner to find a solution that will allow both of you to sleep well: if your needs (perhaps due to very different builds), turn out to be incompatible, you can buy two single mattresses that, combined with a joint band – mattresses, they can become a double mattress.

In case you opt for this last solution, it would be good to buy them equal in size, and possibly of the same brand.

3. The different positions held during sleep:

Another important element to keep in mind when buying a mattress is that of the position in which you sleep.

Different positions have different needs to support the body and release the pressure exerted by the body itself. Positions should therefore also be taken into consideration.

Most people sleep lying on their side.

If you also sleep on one side, you will need a mattress that can wrap well around your pelvis and behind you without causing pain or discomfort.

You will need a mattress that adequately supports your spine, keeping it always straight; that does not make you feel pressure on your knees and supports your life well.

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